Auction Property Buying made safe for You

It is heard at all parts of the India that real estate sector is soaring high. Yes, it is true, but at the same time it got its other side too. The sales in real estate sector are definitely good with the available easy home loans, but many people are failing at repayment of the

What is Encumbrance Certificate Explained

It is very common for many of us to come across to a lot of jargon, when went for real estate shopping. Yes, there is a lot jargon like all other sectors. Among such jargon, encumbrance is one commonly heard one, but it plays a vital role in every real estate transaction too. It is

Property Price Appreciation Real or Fake Explained

In Bangalore, we often see price rise day by day with properties. Sometimes, it is hard to believe the way the properties prices increasing. A middle income group buyer often wonders how people are affording this kind of prices in real estate buying. This is the kind of situation, where many of the people doubtful

Is North Bangalore Turning into a Micro City Down the Line Explained

Bengaluru city is often termed as the real estate king in India. Definitely, this industry is flourishing and exploding like never. People from all parts of the country are migrating to this city for the jobs and these professionals’ main aim after getting the job is buying a property. This is fuelling in positive way

What You Can Do When Possession Delayed from Builder Explained

If you compare today’s scenario in real estate industry with builders and buyers, then buyers are definitely more. Here, this buyer is a direct investor in the project through transacting a purchase. Among these buyers, most are investing on these properties from their hard earned money and most belong to middle income group too. Very

Details about Property Maintenance Charges Explained

Maintenance is a very common necessity that attracts every property whether it is old or new. The latest property markets are witnessing major transactions with apartments from the property buyers in all the Indian cities. This apartment’s trend is already growing in the two tier towns and semi urban areas of the country too. Here,

Properties E-Auction Secrets, Benefits and Losses Explained

When we’re talking about properties, then it is quite imperative to see the facts from both the sides that is seller (real estate companies) and the buyer. Since after the great boom in the Bangalore real estate sector is, people are seeing property E-Auctions too often. Very often, most of these auctions come from financial

Check Approvals in Place with Builder before Investing on a Property

Real estate property buying or investment is currently at raise all over the India, but it is extremely high at Bangalore. It is important for a buyer or investor to be careful before zeroing on a project from the builder. Every project needs certain approvals and certificates and few documents in order to be compliant

Why Bangalore Special for Real Estate Industry Explained

The ever growing real estate market in Bangalore is significantly gaining attention from the all parts of the Indian population. Here, the kind of role played by the real estate companies in Bangalore is quite significant in the areas of construction quality, fair business practices, serenity, timely deliverable and satisfaction to the customers. Apart from

Various Sources of Real Estate Enquiry Pros and Cons Explained

If you’re planned to buy a property, then there are definitely many sources available to explore on this context. But, which is the best reliable source could be your question in this context while this blog post aimed to resolve this confusion for you in detail. Here, your sources often rule your decision making power